Tencap’s Rating System

Empowering you to determine where your own ability, track your progress and compare against other players locally or across the world.

  • Ratings are from 0-80
  • The lower the rating the better the player
  • Ratings are based on how you do not only winning or losing
  • Your Rating confidence level will increase after every match entered

  • The higher your rating confidence the less movement in your rating
  • Players with lower confidence levels impact your rating less
  • In doubles we take into account the ability level of your partner as ratings are averaged
  • All ratings enable you to handicap matches if you so choose

Tennis and Paddle Tennis
  • 2 rating points = 1 game better/set
  • Example a 32 should beat a 36 6-4 on average in a set.
  • Matches with players more than 10 points apart don’t count unless the player with the worse rating wins
  • Players receive a small bonus for each set they win
  • When using Tencap to Handicap matches.
    • 1 Rating point difference between opponents = 1 point/set for the weaker rated player to use when they want during a set
    • The player may use their points whenever they like during the set

  • 1 rating point = approximately 1 point better/game
  • 3 extra points are awarded for each game won
  • Ratings do not count when players are more than 10 points apart
  • When using Tencap to Handicap Matches
    • The weak rated player starts with 1 point for every point difference in rating
    • The 2nd point however has the better player start at -1.
    • Example: Player A is rated a 30 and plays Player B rated a 40. Player A would start at -5 Player B would start at 5.